Know The Process

At LALF we pride ourselves in being transparent about our process, everything from where we source our fabrics to how those materials are grown. Our 100% organic cotton comes from regions in Peru and Brazil that have mastered ancient farming techniques, preserved through generations and applied to commercial cotton production.

One important aspect of this technique is the use of seeds derived directly from plants; making them 100% non-GMO and preservative free, and per our farmers, these native cotton seeds produce about 4x as much cotton per bushel. When the cotton seeds are planted they are grouped together with different crops such as beans and potatoes to maintain the soil's essential nutrients that help preserve its fertility.

The mix of crops also creates a miniature ecosystem that protect plants from harmful elements and insects. The farmers we source from also use natural repellents such as a liquid mixture of bell peppers, onion, garlic, and herbs, along with ducks who roam the farms eating insects.

None of our farmers use insecticide or herbicide and all cotton is grown with natural rainwater, using no additional irrigation. The bushels are hand picked by the community, which also use the additional crops (beans, potatoes, etc) for their meals and are paid fair trade wages for their work.