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Who is LALF?

 LALF is a life project with the ambitious goal of making the world a better place by changing the way we approach our clothes. The fashion industry is a $1.2 trillion global textile and apparel enterprise built on complex linear supply chains that are not always beneficial to the environment or workers. At LALF we hope to transform the conversation around the industry’s sustainability with profound honesty and clarity. 

To be the change and make a difference takes courage and determination. After years of research, field work, and testing, LALF is proud to present a truly vegan, organic, and sustainable line of clothing. At every phase of production we ensure fair wages for workers, from farm to factory, to increase local economic sustainability. We only use all-natural dyes and source materials from farmers who follow strict organic and vegan practices, with absolutely zero use of pesticides and/or insecticides. 

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