Learn more about LALF processes and Materials.

100% Organic Cotton

Setting the bar high for our cotton was the 1st natural step in creating LALF. Cotton accounts for 35% of world fiber, but only 1% of the worldwide cotton is - organic. Organic cotton is grown within a balanced ecosystem - far from any use of toxic, persistent chemicals, and synthetic fertilizers.

Coconut Buttons

We’re truly committed to sourcing sustainable materials, that’s why using petroleum based plastic buttons was never an option for us. All buttons used for our shirts, pants, and shorts are made from coconut shells: a durable and sustainable alternative.

Natural Dyes

We wear the colors of the nature, and that arises the loveliness of our pieces. We mainly derive our natural colors including white, beige, brown, and green from plants and we occasionally use certified organic dyes.

A truly vegan, organic, and sustainable garment
you can be proud to wear. 


We make the impossible possible by creating luxurious cruelty-free clothing line. A non-animal exploitation change is needed in the retail industry.


LALF is certified for meeting the highest global standards available to the Organic Market.


Sustainability is LALF’s bottom line strategy that’s why we don’t  compromise on any of its component: social, economical, and environmental. 

Industry’s Waste Problem

An average of 35 Kg of textile waste is generated per person each year; the equivalent of 1 garbage truck of textile a second. 

Lalf Slow Fashion

LALF releases a new generation every 6 months, a generation that will redefine the classics and re-build your wardrobe with timeless pieces you’ll wear season after season. 

Water Waste

A non-organic t-shirt requires 2000 liters of water to make it, more than the average person drinks in a year. 

LALF conserves water because every drop matters

To conserve water, LALF ensures that its partners never use any traditional irrigation methods; solely rain water is allowed.

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