World Elephant Day

We’re so excited to be celebrating World Elephant Day this Saturday, August 12th! The annual event is dedicated to preserving and protecting elephants worldwide and was founded 6 years ago by Patricia Sims and the Elephant Reintroduction Foundation of Thailand. With the initial goal of stopping illegal poaching, trade of elephant ivory, and protect elephant habitat, World Elephant Day has now grown to partner with 100 elephant conservation organizations around the world. They also work with citizens, policy-makers, politicians, and more, to support conservation efforts and promote a safe place for elephants and other wildlife.

Why does this matter? Elephant numbers have dropped in the last decade, with African elephants being killed by poachers for ivory, meat and other body parts across the continent. As both male and female African elephants are being killed a large number of baby elephants are being orphaned. Besides getting hunted for their tusks elephants are being forced out of their habitats with the creation of highways and other industrial developments.

What we must not forget is that elephants are a keystone species, meaning that they create and maintain the ecosystems in which they live, and they make it possible for other plants and animals to thrive in those habitats as well. The loss of elephants impacts a number of other species as well, acting as a domino-effect in their surrounding habitats. Besides being smart and social animals, elephants are also very empathetic, a quality that not all animals share with humans.

As a vegan company LALF strives to be empathetic in our approach to clothing, not just by avoiding animal product but by taking into consideration the effects that our business has on the environment and the people that are a part of our agricultural and manufacturing process. As a company based on love and empathy, we couldn’t think of a better animal to have as our logo than the elephant. To support this incredible animal we’ve created a special limited edition collection for which 25% of proceeds will be donated to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT), an elephant rescue and rehabilitation program that works to protect the wildlife and habitat of East Africa. In honor of World Elephant Day we are going to be offering a special 15% off your order from the limited edition collection with code LALF15. Shop the collection here.