Q&A with LALF Founders

Q&A with LALF Founders

Originally from Venezuela, LALF co-founders and partners, Leo and Dani Montbrun go behind-the-scenes to share with you the inspiration behind LALF and their hopes for the company’s future.

1. What inspired you to start LALF?

Dani: Our inspiration to create LALF mainly came from the need to dress well, be fashionable, and at the same time, be congruent with our way of thinking. When we became vegans, we realized that we had to discard 70% of our closet. It was very difficult to dress, especially because we were in a country where there were not many options that fulfilled our philosophy.

Leo: We made the decision to create our own brand of clothing fulfilling our main pillars: quality, zero animal cruelty, safeguarding our Mother Earth, fair treatment to everyone who participates in the creation of the garments, and of course be in fashion.

2. How long were you thinking of starting this company, or one similar to it?

D: It was with a call from Leo that this great idea came. We talked about the problems we had when we were not finding clothes that fulfilled our lifestyle, and he told me we should create our own brand! We immediately made the decision to create the company, starting with looking for a name. Then we hired a designer who helped us create the logo, and we continued that search for valuable information that helped us, as a company, to develop. We researched brands, raw materials, and had our designer materialize our ideas in to the designs of our first collection. We have been working on it for 2 years and we are preparing to soon launch the second collection, and enter this great world of fashion!

3. What has been the biggest challenge in starting LALF?

L: The biggest challenge has been to find raw materials that comply with the philosophy that we implanted, which is our VOS philosophy (Vegan, Organic, Sustainable). We, as a company, have focused stronger every day with this VOS philosophy, since most textiles pollute the planet and do not meet our requirements. To have different and versatile collections, we need to have varieties of raw material. We are currently subsidizing research in universities to find substitutes for leather, derived from plant materials. This has been our greatest challenge.

4. Where would you like to see the company go within, say, the next 10 years?

L: LALF is not only a clothing brand, it is also the alternative for those who want to be part of the solution to the problem. That problem being the environmental contamination of the textile industry. LALF is a movement of awareness and information, that we want to achieve from our launch, and thus, create a community. This community would be where people can understand the origin of their clothes and see LALF as the future of the fashion industry. Five or 10 years from now, we see LALF established as a trend for everyone who is in our community or not, with the same conscience. We want to be offering a variety of products from the industry, from clothing, shoes, handbags, accessories, to being able to offer a wide range of options under our same VOS quality standards.

D: We want to achieve this through awareness campaigns, providing information, and donating part of our profits to foundations that fulfill our same ideology of love: love for animals, love for nature, and love to any living being that inhabits our beautiful planet. To be that reliable alternative and elite design brand in the fashion industry, to be recognized as pioneers of this great movement, is completely worth investing in.

5. You said LALF is a life project. Can you explain what you mean by that?

L: We always say that LALF is a life project because from its beginning we have always wanted to convey the way in which we are living. For Daniuska and I life is in everything and our planet is full of it, who are we to take from it? This is our great life project, because through LALF, we can give life back to our planet by taking care of its waters and its lands, and all the beings that inhabit it.

D: We call it a life project, not only because we want to focus on living in this way, but also to transmit to people that through LALF, we are giving back life from this wonderful message that is based truly on love.

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